About me

You may call me Marija.

I’m a divergent thinker of the idealistic bent. This means I have rather more heart than intelligence, though I’m not entirely unfurnished in the brain department either.

¬†Sometimes I like to believe that everything around me has a soul. That my dresses are sad if I don’t wear them and trees may appreciate a pardon if I take too many of their branches. I may *know* things aren’t quite so, but life is so much more fun with a little suspension of disbelief.

Human nature, particularly the further from average, fascinates me to no end.

Other than that, I love cats, cute things, 19th century fashion, stormy days, literature, classic films and beauty in all its forms.

I live in Eastern Europe, so greetings to those living there too.

About the blog

This blog is a work in progress. I don’t know where it should go or what may come of it.

To paraphrase Oscar Wilde, I write on the door of my blog the word “Whim”.

My pet subjects include: human nature, introspection, the experience of being an outsider, personality psychology and similar, nature, authentic living, escaping wage slavery, self-sufficiency, pointing out flaws in mainstream systems and ideologies, classic literature, dreams, films, and not that many more.