Yesterday on my bike ride, I smelt apples. Then I got some tiny apples at home from my great-aunt’s garden and sniffed them like an addict. The first of the many smells of autumn.

Sadly, fat chance. Heat wave persists. I’m glad that weathers with temperatures between 27-33 C are not an absolute staple on our latitude. I cannot imagine living in a country where all days of summer where like this: too hot to go out between 10 AM and 8 PM. I don’t enjoy temperatures over 25. My cat is suffering too because her fur is very thick for a regular domestic cat.

The complaints won’t end here.

I normally love anything local nature can bestow – berries, cherries and plum alike, but too much is too much.  This week every meal has had berries in some form with it and I’m entirely sick of berries by now.  There’s two cups of black currant and raspberry smoothie waiting in the fridge. This black currant variety is particularly tasty too. Rich, not watery, but I just can’t eat more berries and enjoy it.

Sample menu this week:

Breakfast: cheese sandwich, berry cake, small bowl of gooseberries, raspberry smoothie, tea

Lunch: celery cream soup, plate of red currant

Dinner: egg sandwich, black currant smoothie, plate of raspberries.

This picture is from some years back, but that’s the sort of quantities we are talking of. Current menu in the fridge includes black currant, raspberry and gooseberry.


Yes, I’ve put many in the freezer, but it seems a shame because some do lose their qualities through it. I wish I wasn’t such a creature of variety and could eat the same thing for a long period of time. Oh well. I do eat. I just feel enthusiasm is not there, the emotional enjoyment.

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