Charlton Heston is so beautiful. Particularly when he has his robes on and doesn’t walk around half-naked with a chain around his neck. That’s the truth.


Princely outfits and old-fashioned robes are very becoming on him.

I watched The Ten Commandments yesterday. Of the three Charlton films I’ve seen, to me, this is his weakest role.  I liked the film overall, but the other two actors in the roles of Rameses and the Egyptian princess, they seemed to blend into their characters more seamlessly, so they outshined my favourite beauty a bit. Charlton, well, he seems to be playing the same person in all of the three films I’ve seen (Ben-Hur, Planet of the Apes). In Ben-Hur he had nuance and depth, his facial expressions, that exquisite vibrating between gentleness and aggression, pity and bitterness, I loved it so much. But as Moses, I felt like he hadn’t fully become Moses. That he was playing a character, not being the character. Or the screenplay just didn’t give him the chance to put more depth into Moses. That scene where god writes the ten commandments was a bit silly, for example. I found myself feeling bad for Charlton and wished that scene would end. Same way you feel the embarrassment of someone who is obviously in love with someone and fails to hide it and behaves terribly awkward in front of them. That scene was terribly awkward too. But he had good moments too. I liked it when he was leading the construction works and had some good dialogue with Rameses. Nefretiri was wonderfully ambivalent. I disliked her and liked her alternately and couldn’t make up my mind about her, so that role managed to impress me more.