How to spend a Monday morning

  • Wake up at 9.40 because someone is calling. Not because I actually would wake up so early. It’s always either the cat making a racket or someone else disturbing my sleep.
  • Be in a bad mood and compare myself to Natasha Rostova. Fret about the usual things.
  • Make breakfast, find out there is no work with deadlines to be done today and that the employer seems to have taken a holiday.
  • Contemplate going for a walk in the woods. But later.
  • Decide that I have to have a more regulated schedule or I can’t handle this year of not being able to do anything to better my life. I’m probably stillĀ  – or again? – at an age where a year seems like an eternity. Count how many books I have on my shelf that I haven’t read – 31 – and decide I’ll try and have the lot of them read through by June. Consider it unrealistic, and decide 15 is a better number. Transfer a bunch of non-fiction PDF books to my tablet for reading in addition to fiction.
  • Since the cat is hyperactive, play with her. Play with her lots.
  • Discover that one girl on Instagram has an awesome cat duvet I must also have. Google for the same store and the duvet. Contemplate how great internet shopping is as it allows me to order unusual stuff from abroad. My country is such a backwatery place with a very small market, so the stores here only cater to the average of average in taste. It’s not possible to get a wood imitation bathroom shelf or blue wallpaper with roses. Importing minority taste items just isn’t profitable here.
  • Start humming Softly As I Leave You. Since I don’t know the lyrics too well, I automatically switch to Fly Me To The Moon at one point, unsure of what that song is at first. Find it on YouTube and continue. Be eyed by the cat suspiciously. Try to get over it and carry on, but her disapproval is too evident. She is more of a Beethoven aficionado.

In other words, on days like this, I love my job. I do have some work I could be doing, but it’s not pressing, so it will be done in the evening.

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