I should make myself an Instagram account. The extrovert in me often experiences a desire to share all kinds of little useless things. Such as photos of my new coat, the presents I’ve got, how pretty the seaside is, how I found a potential murder weapon in the forest, and what my wallpaper is going to look like.

I don’t really know where this desire to share good/fun things comes from, but whenever I’m very happy or pleased with something or captivated by something, I just can’t help sharing it with everyone who happens along.

And I think it is annoying. Because I can’t imagine who cares about my doors or the extremely awesome card my friend just got my cat (sic!). Posting these things on the blog seems a bit of a waste as well. It would lead to posting more frequently and cluttering up the space. It doesn’t seem like the right medium.

Conclusion is that I probably should make an Instagram account, so that I’d have an outlet for posting all the things I want to share. Right now, I annoy people individually with it and send them pictures or show them in person or make video calls. I love making video calls to show my stuff…

While writing this post, I’m waiting for a large file to download, after which I’m going to make my friend a video call to show him the extremely great leather-bound notebook I got….

I wish this was artistic exaggeration to get a better text, but it’s the plain truth.

With behavioural problems like these, Instagram seems the only solution. Except I’m not a typical Instagram person in other ways and I would actually prefer it to be less public. Which is why I’ve preferred individual sharing. Maybe I’ll figure something else out.

But this has lead me to see the benefit of Instagram. It gives people a choice whether to look at your outfit, food and holiday snaps or not. One can always just not look. Sadly, I haven’t given my friends the choice.

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