Reasons for living

Sometimes, when I’m very very unhappy and don’t know why I live, I think of the trees and feel responsibility. Who is going to love the trees when I die? No one in the entire world cares about those trees except me. And that seems important somehow, that trees are noticed and cared about.

One thought on “Reasons for living

  1. I love trees, I think most people love but they do not know they love, in India, trees are related with people in many ways, but poor people, villagers, mindless people and rouges cut trees senselessly, for cooking fuel, for money, for smuggling and for developing dwellings, world wide it is a senseless destruction of trees and woods, for making lives of human beings comfortable, like robbing Peter to pay Paul.
    I have theory, if at least in India, the religious leaders tell followers that each tree has a deity in it, 50% of trees would be saved.

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