Let’s see if I can still write.

Recent movies

Fracture (2007) – alright but nothing to take back really. Just your average sort of good movie about police investigation and a murder.

Red Dragon (2002) – this I liked but wished it had ended where its natural ending was. The Tooth Fairy suddenly re-appearing didn’t quite work for me. I like Hannibal Lecter though. He’s probably my top villain. My favourite film this was not. I think I’d even place it last, preferring both Hannibal and Silence of the Lambs.

The Human Stain (2003) – hard to imagine a world like that, so we must have come somewhere since then. Average as a movie and the casting is off. Anthony Hopkins doesn’t make a convincing Jew (or a black person, come on). These things bother me.

Legends of the Fall – I’m really not impressed by much. Not this either. Alright but nothing to take with me.

Gatsby – read above.

I think writing doesn’t really work when the subject doesn’t trigger you in any way, so I will make a pause with movies and write of Elton John albums instead.

Goodbye Yellow Brick Road – this is regarded as his best by many and it was the first I listened to. I was a little disappointed. I didn’t find many songs on it that I didn’t already know beforehand (it has a lot of classics) that would become favourites, except Harmony.

The One – since I’m a very sentimental person and that album seems to cater to that, I chose to go with it as my second Elton album. This was also not a fit. The songs that became favourites were too few, but included Suit of Wolves, The North, and Fat Boys and Ugly Girls.

Don’t Shoot Me I’m Only the Piano Player – well, this one has EJ’s least favourite song on it, Crockodile Rock. I like this quite well. It has my favourites High Flying Bird and Teacher I Need You on it, in addition to the classics. I like all the classics, so I’m not going to separately state I liked Daniel, though perhaps I could state Crockodile Rock and Sacrifice are very good cycling tracks on a summer’s day.

The Fox and Songs from the West Coast. There’s exactly 20 years between these two. The Fox has some of my favourite instrumentals, like Carla/Etude. I could listen to it for hours. It has videos for the songs as well, so there’s something for the eyes too. And Chloe. Chloe–eeeee. For The West Coast it’d be easier to say the songs I didn’t like upon first listening, because I liked most very much and instantly recognised them as future besties. It’s my favourite album so far, but Carla and Chloe are my biggest loves at first listening.

Now returning to movies. Phew. I managed to be decent. But when I’m decent, I’m also dull and uninspired.

Winter’s Tale (2014) – I liked its beautiful magical realism and was glad to stumble upon something which to me was in the vein of Princess Bride and Stardust.

The Nice Guys (2016) – No. Too male. Stopped watching sometime in the middle and didn’t find the humour funny.

Snatch (2000) – same as above, with the exception that I stopped watching even sooner.

Body of Lies (2008) – I’m not sure what it says about me that I keep trying to watch these types of things for which I’m nowhere near the target audience, except that I like to explore outside my own narrow taste, I do, but no, no match here either. Explosions and guns and suspense but nothing to relate to.

Mystery, Alaska – this was alright, it’s about hockey and underdogs. I like sports films and underdogs.

Chariots of Fire (1981) – also a sports film, quite enjoyable, but didn’t really stay with me.

Victory (1981) – same as above.

The Quick and the Dead (1995) – a decent Western with a woman doing the things Clint Eastwood typically does.

Romper Stomper (1992) – now, this, and LA Confidential are reasons I like to go outside my own taste. You never know what you may like. I really liked LA Confidential. And I quite much liked this film about Australian – what’s the word – skinheads, yes. Hah, I wanted to write skinflints. Lost young people who don’t know the shit they are doing and just find someone to hate to vent their frustration. It’s quite brutal, but at no point was it unjustified. I liked the angst and the energy of this. It is about control and what happens when one loses it. It made me think a little of Lord of the Flies. How easy it is to become demonic when your environment encourages it and there is a lack levers to hold you back.



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