Some more films

The Father

Very good. I’d absolutely recommend it to anyone, but especially those dealing with – and being frustrated with – their declining elderly family members. It doesn’t much matter if it is Alzheimer’s or something else. It’s very good at making you look at it from the perspective of the old and frail. It lets a person try on the shoes many might not naturally be inclined to try on because the gap between health and old-age-related illnesses is quite big. This film makes one feel how it ultimately doesn’t matter. Fear and anxiety are always there, it doesn’t matter that reality differs and memory is poor. It’s not a totally gloomy film. It’s deeply sad, but there’s a lot of love in there from the daughter to the father. For me, there was even some lightness. At the start I thought Anthony was just a loveable eccentric man. I also loved the sunlit apartment. It gave me comforting vibes.

Million Dollar Baby

Also very good. Stayed with me a while. I like these stories about different kinds of love, not just the romantic kind. I didn’t expect it to end the way it did, of course. I was expecting typical sports film tropes but as such it is definitely more interesting, albeit much less cuddly. Very good supporting characters too.

Cinderella Man

That’s a cuddly sports film. In the sense that it ends happily and the hero triumphs. Boxing, poverty and hardship aren’t so cuddly.

The Insider

This one has a good Gladiatoresque soundtrack, which doesn’t seem to fit the film. It’s a relatively modern-day sacrifice and justice film, but quite realistic in characterisation. There’s people trying to fight the system (tobacco firms) as it continually shows itself to be more powerful than them, they are afraid, they are weak and they lose much by it. Let’s say: they aren’t heroed up. At least the chemist isn’t.


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